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Antirust System

Spray System for the uniform application of rust preventive fluid on tubes and profiles.

Takeco presents the revolutionary Antirust system, that enables a solution to all problems related to tube corrosion during outside storage or transport with high temperature changes.

antirust system

The system is provided with a touch-screen panel with digital interface, that enables program parameters to be set in a fast and simple way and to monitor the coverage and the fluid density, preventing overspray or irregularities that may compromise the quality of the final product and prevent material waste.

– Payback in less than 1 year
– Reduction of fluid consumption of 70%
– Reduction of scraps due to corrosion
– Standardization and uniformity of the process

antirust system takeco engineering
antirust system takeco engineering

The system enables the in-line application of protective oil onto the surface of tubes, pipes and profiles proportionally to the speed of the line and monitoring every irregularity of the flow; it can be used on profiles of different shapes, dimensions and types, with excellent results.

Antirust Range

antirust system
antirust system

Absence of oil mist thanks to the Suction system and to the Spray Box design, that houses the nozzles in a closed box, preventing dangerous fluid dispersion.

antirust system

Immediate feedback of fluid dispensing anomalies through the Flow Control integrated in each channel

antirust system

Further saving through the Recovery and Filtering Unit that recycles the collected fluid to return it to the tank.

Antirust system

Preparation for anti-corrosion treatment with an air-knife to dry from water and eliminate any residual liquids.