Patent vertical grinding method allows you to operate easily.

Feed controller for stepless adjustment of working speed allows for variable grinding speed from 15-50 teeth/min.

Driven by machinery instead of compressed air, make the machine stable and lower the failure rate.

High-frequency electric spindle with rotation speed 50000 rpm which effectively extend the life time of grinding wheel.

Quick clamp saw blade device using magnetic force to stable the blade.

Equipped with counter, the machine will automatically stop when the operation is complete.

Use frequency converter to control the speed of grinding.

Therefore, grinding speed can be adjusted with the change of teeth pitch.

Circuliar Saw Blade Chip Break Machine (BR-650)

Circuliar Saw Blade Chip Break Machine for HSS circular saw blades. Grinding HSS and TCT saw blade.

Specification Table

Grinding Range Ø140-650 mm
Teeth Pitch Ma x . 25 mm
Sawblade Thickness Max . 8 m m
Grinding speed 15 – 50 teeth/min
Grinding Wheel Diameter Ø30 mm
Grinding Wheel ID Ø6 mm
Grinding Wheel Motor 370W
Transmission Motor 0.25 KW
Cooling Motor 0.09 KW
Grinding Wheel Speed(50Hz/60Hz) 1000 – 40000 rpm
Power Supply 0.75 KW
Net Weight / Gross Weight 264 /322 kg
Package Size 88 x 108 x 185 cm

Standard Accessor

Work Light 1pc
Bushing32 / 40 mm 1pc
Tool Box 1sex
Instruction Manual 1copy
Diamond Grinding Wheel 3pc


Circuliar Saw Blade Chip Break Machine (BR-650)