Durocut(Bimetal Sawblade M51)

This band saw blade consists of two materials: the tooth tips are made of alloyed HSS (high speed steel) with 10% cobalt and tungsten while the support band is made of high-alloyed spring band steel. After heat treatment, the wear-resisting tooth tips have a hardness of approx. 67 – 68 HRc. The high speed steel is connected to the support band through state-of-the-art technology.

Recommended use

Universal heavy duty blade designed for large cross sections also on lower alloyed steel grades.

Durocut(Bimetal Sawblade M51)

The higher alloyed HSS cutting edge is most wear resistant and allows longest service life.

Durocut(Bimetal Sawblade M51)Durocut(Bimetal Sawblade M51)