PNK-AC CNC Circular Saws Grinding Machine Automatic

CNC HSS-Circular Saws Grinding Machine Automatic Chamfering, Ability to Grind and Re-toothing All Tooth Profiles, Automatic Tooth Removing

PNK-AC-CNC provides full automatic process for the HSS circular saw blades of complete tooth removing, re-toothing, re-grinding and chamfering. PNK-AC-CNC is an ideal machine for the complete machining of metal circular saws. It guarantees optimum grinding quality with its state-of-the-art technology. All the data related to the circular saw is entered from the control panel. Fast and precise adjustment by its manual pulse handler.

CNC HSS-Circular Saws Grinding Machine Automatic Chamfering, Ability to Grind and Re-toothing All Tooth Profiles, Automatic Tooth Removing.

PNK-AC CNCCNC HSS-Circular Saws Grinding Machine

General Features

– 4-Axes Servo motor controlled.
– Laser probing system for automatic saw diameter measuring and teeth number calculation
– Language selection on the control panel.
– PC controlled.
– Windows@ operating system.
– Maximum 0810mm circular saw outside diameter.
– Tooth form selection from the control panel.
– Grinding all common tooth types in one cycle.
– Automatic chamfering.
– Blade thickness input from the control panel.
– Automatic calculation of the tooth pitch.
– Absolute tooth pitch accuracy.
– vDownloading a program through internet connection if demanded.
– Central lubrication.
– 17″ LCD screen control panel.
– Variable grinding and grinding wheel rotation speed.
– Grinding wheel head riding on linear rails.
– Grinding and production by CBN, tooth removing by vitrified wheel.
– Smooth chamfer grinding even in saw blades with worn right-left chamfers.
– Integrated air suction system.
– Pure Oil Coolant System.
– Totally enclosed cabin for operator safety.
– Simple controls for ease of use.
– Rigid machine base.
– Ergonomic cabin for ease of loading / unloading.
– Production conformed with CE standards.

CNC HSS-Circular Saws Grinding Machine

Technical Specifications | CNC HSS-Circular Saws Grinding Machine

ㆍHSS Circular saw outside diameter                                      80-810mm
ㆍAutomatic Chamfering                                                            220-810mm
ㆍBlade Thickness Maximum                                                    8mm
ㆍCBN Grinding Wheel                                                               200mm x 32mm
ㆍVitrified Grinding Wheel                                                        150/200mm x 20mm
ㆍGrinding Wheel Motor Power                                                3 kW
ㆍCoolant Type                                                                              Ready for Pure Oil Coolant
ㆍCoolant Pressure                                                                       10 Bars
ㆍMotor Quantity                                                                          7 pieces
ㆍTooth Forms                                                                               A, AV, AW, B, BW, C, Hz, O (Optional Br, Bs)
ㆍOperating Voltage                                                                     380V, 3Ph, 50-60Hz
ㆍTotal Power                                                                                ~8,50kW
ㆍSaw holders provided with the machine                              20-22-25-30-32-35-40-45-50-55mm
ㆍNet/Gross Weight                                                                    1100/1125kg
ㆍ Dimensions                                                                              2100*2000*2100mm

CNC HSS-Circular Saws Grinding Machine


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