The most important parameters in a Slitter Knife are

  • Maximum Wear Resistance
  • Adequate Toughness
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Chipping Resistance


It is our specialty to select the right material grade and hardness to suit the customer’s application. Cryogenic treated knives have good wear resistance, exceptional dimensional stability, life & excellent slit edge quality.

Size Range

DeeTee offers knives up to Ø 610mm (equivalent to 24″). Knives up to Ø 350mm can be supplied in lapped condition with +/- 0.001mm thickness tolerance.


The tolerances on Spacers are equally important like knives. Spacers are made from 100Cr6 / SAE52100 / 1.2067 material which is a thorough hardening grade and gives more dimensional stability compared to carburizing steels. Stainless Steel Spacers can also be supplied for corrosion resistance.

Light Weight Spacers

These are specially designed to reduce the weight of particularly bigger dia spacers for easy handling and to reduce fatigue. The weight reduction can be up to 40-60%. It is achieved by having a maximum recessed inner diameter and making holes on the diameter throughout the periphery. Material and tolerances are similar to normal steel spacers.

General Slitting Knives Materials

Slitting Knives

Achievable manufacturing tolerances on Knives & Metal Spacers :

Slitting Knives

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