KNC-710-Tooth form

CNC 4 Axis Saw Grinding Machine KNC-710

Instruction / Model. KNC – 710H
Saw blade diameter Ø45 ~ Ø710 mm
Pitch range 24 mm ( max. )
Grinding teeth limit 10 ~ 998 Teeth
Thickness of saw blade 6.5 mm ( max. )
Wheel diameter Ø200 mm
Wheel inner diameter Ø32 mm
Wheel motor 8.2 kw
High pressure coolant device 9 kg/cm2 – 75 l/min
Pneumatic pressure requirement 4 – 6 kg/cm2
Total electronic power 17.6 kw
Gross weight of packing 2,730 kgs
Gross weight of packing 3,000 kgs
Dimension (W x H x D) 1530 x 1790 x 2190 mm


CNC 4 Axis Saw Grinding Machine KNC-710H

User-friendliness of man-machine interface
CNC 4 Axis Saw Grinding Machine KNC-710, Easy operating with simple input data to accomplish full automatic grinding.
10.4″ TFT color LCD display
The LCD display has TFT wide-angle screen and displayed by graphics, entire parameter and data can be took at glance.
Digital Parameter Input
Teeth number, teeth depth, cutting angle, back rake angle, chamfering and feeding speed can be input by digital data from dedicated keypad. No complicated procedures from manual adjusting.
Self-Detection & Modular Control System
Computer programming and control system is designed by modular technology. Self-detection system displays error on screen for easy troubleshooting.

CNC 4 Axis Saw Grinding Machine KNC-710H

Tooth Grinding + Chamfer Grinding accomplish at one go
From tooth to chamfer completely grind automatically at a time. Stop machine for adjustment is unessential.
Grinding Wheel Speed Set at Will
According to different characteristics of grinding wheels, it can be set different rotation speed.
Cutting Angle Hands-Free-Adjust Function
After inputting a cutting angle, wheel spindle will offset automatically it done hand-free always.
Auto-Chamfering Function
Completely automatic chamfering it done also hands-free always.
New Sawblade Drplication
The new saw blade duplication function provides added convenience for grinding new saw blade. When grinding new saw blade with same diameter, you need only to touch the rim with initial saw blade. Then the computer will automatically memorize the diameter of saw blade. After that you just press the “NEW” button when another new one is installed. This fully meets the requirement of economical efficiency in mass production system.
Identical Outer Rim Grinding Function.
A batch of used saw blade also can be ground to identical diameter size again.