CNC Automatic Band Saws Grinding Machine 3 axes Servo Motor Controlled PNK-CNC is designed to grind all types of band saw blades used in wood cutting. PNK-CNC-MAX guarantees a flawless, fast and precise grinding of A, AV, B, C, VP and Free tooth forms with its state-of-the-art grinding technology.

GENERAL FEATURES | CNC Automatic Band Saws Grinding

– CNC Automatic Band Saws Grinding 3 axes Servo motor controlled.
– Operating screen in any language.
– PC controlled by Windows* operating system.
– Downloading a program through internet if demanded.
– 17″ LCD touchscreen control panel.
– Language selection on the control panel.
– Tooth form selection from the control panel.
– Grinding all common tooth types.
– Possibility of saving grinding programs of the blades ground.
– Following the hook angle from the control panel.
– Indexing by servo motor.- Absolute tooth pitch accuracy.
– Variable grinding speed.
– Variable grinding wheel rotation speed.
– Grinding head riding on linear rails.
– Grinding by CBN wheel or vitrified type wheel.
– Water emulsion/oil coolant [for CBN grinding].
– Central lubrication.
– Pneumatic lift-off band saw grinding.
– Optional CAD data integration.
– Included band saw carrier legs. Optional backside indexer.
– Motor controlled band saw vertical movement.
– Steady mechanic blade clamp.
– Enclosed cabin for operator safety.
– Ergonomic machine construction for ease of loading and unloading.
– Simple controls for ease of use.
– Rigid machine construction.
– Production conformed with CE standards.



Band saw width     

50-250mm (15-320mm Optional)

Band saw length             

Max. 14m.

Blade thickness


Tooth pitch

Max. 80mm

Tooth depth

Max. 30mm

Tooth forms


Feed rate (speed controlled)

10 / 90 teeth/min.

Grinding wheel dimensions

D:300mm d:32mm

Grinding wheel thickness

5-13mm (depending on tooth pitch)

CBN Grinding wheel dimensions

D:200mm d:32mm 

CBN Grinding wheel thickness

1.6-13mm (depending on tooth pitch)

Grinding wheel rotation (speed controlled)


Grinding wheel motor power

1400-5500 r.p.m.

Coolant type

 Water emulsion(bakalite wheel) / Oil (CBN wheel)

Coolant motor capacity

80 It/min.

Coolant pressure

10 Bars.

Coolant container capacity


Motor quantity


Connected load


Net/gross weight


Hook angle



380V, 3Ph, 50-60Hz

Additional information

Type of Saw

Cutting Machine