SHARK 382-1 SXI EVO Semi-Automatic Band Sawing Machine

SHARK 382-1 SXI EVO, electrohydraulic semi-automatic band sawing machine to cut metals from -45° to +60°. In addition to the semi-automatic cycleit can also operate in manual and semi-automatic/dynamic modes.

SHARK 382-1 SXI EVO The three working modes (manual, semi-automatic/dynamic and semi-automatic ones) allow to perform any kind of cut in the most efficient way.

300 mm 250 mm 380 x 250 mm
+ 45° 260 mm 250 mm 300 x 200 mm
+ 60° 180 mm 170 mm 200 x 170 mm
– 45° 240 mm 210 mm 280 x 160 mm


Max. vice opening 385 mm


Band size 3770 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Blade motor power 1.5 / 1.8 kw – Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 40 / 80 m/min – 2 Speeds

> The main control with acustic commands is assembled on an articulated arm thus granting full control in all operational status. 

> The LCD display shows the status of the sawing machine and all its parameters thus allowing maximum control in real-time.

> Programming from the control panel also allows to adjust the saw head stroke limits according to the dimensions of the bars to cut.  

> The mechanical stops at -45°, 0°, +45° and +60° are equipped with a locking device at all angles in between. 

> The knurled steel jaws of the cutting vice allow an efficient and safe clamping even in the case of tube cutting. 

> The large working surface granting maximum cutting stability and safety is equipped with hardened steel plates which can be replaced in case of wear. 



> The turning cutting table is assembled on a central pin and roller thrust bearing thus allowing an easy and smooth rotation at any angle and turning along with the saw head thus preventing to cut it through.

> Angles scale engraved on the turning table allows to easily perform precise cuts in perfect tolerance at any angle.

> The quick releasing clamping system allows to manually open/close the vice in an easy way. 

> The clamping unit sliding longitudinally to the right and left of the saw head allows to safely perform even precise angle cuts. 

> The coolant flood underneath the cutting table avoids the accumulation of chips and downtimes during the chip removal.

> A user-friendly interface with display and mechanical buttons ensures a reliable, easy and intuitive programming.SHARK 382-1 SXI EVO