Semi-automatic cutting machine (Can be adjusted to Manual), slitting machine Medium iron and stainless steel from Italy Using a circular saw blade (HSS).

Special features:
– Can be cut straight man yum
– smooth skin
– The work piece can be used for further work.
– Adjustable cycle level, 2 levels, 4 speeds

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TIGER 352 SX evo, semi-automatic vertical sawing machine to cut steels from -45° to +60, with HSS blade.
– Machine with controlled single axis microprocessor with the latest generation of controllers for semi-automatic sawing machines designed by MEP.

OPERATION: starting the cycle by means of the relative push-button, the following steps are carried out: – the vice closes and the motor starts – the head goes down to execute cut – motor stops – head returns to top position and vice opens.

– CYCLE DOWN UP : Operating in semiautomatic cycle, the new function DOWN makes the head and blade motor stop once the cut is nished with the vice closed, by pressing the UP button the head raises back to its starting point and the vice opens.

– Panel with low tension controls: polyester membrane keypad with tactile thermo-shaped buttons which give out an acoustic signal when pressed.
– Display: 16 characters read on two lines so as

to visualize technological parameters such as: + number of cuts programmed and carried out + cutting time + amperometer + diagnostics and/ or caution messages (more than 100) visualized. – Registration of alarms and events with the possibility to visualize the story of occurred events. – The headstroke, according to the dimensions of the material which has to be cut, is set directly from the control panel.

– Double set of gears to obtain a high performance. – Four speeds blade rotation 15/30/45/90 rpm (OPTIONAL 30/60/90/180 rpm).

– Sawing head movement on double linear guides with preloaded slides with recirculating ballscrews.
– Coaxial cylinder with bypass valve for fast approach and linear transducer for head position reading.

– Rotating table on a center pin with axial bearing which allows higher precision on the cutting angle set.
– Pneumatic vertical vice.

– Steel base with chip drawer and removable coolant tray.


– Electric pump for the blade lubrication and cooling.
– Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
– HSS blade Ø 350x32x2.5 for solids or sections.

– Adjustable rod to measure stop to make cuts of the same length with millimetred steel rod.
– Preset to be equipped with the spray mist system (OPTIONAL), as well as with the standard- delivered traditional lubrication with emulsible oil.

– Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.

Technical data

350 115 mm 95 mm 180 x 95 mm 350 90 mm
+ 45° 350 110 mm 95 mm 125 x 95 mm 350 64 mm
+ 60° 350 90 mm 90 mm 90 x 90 mm 350 45 mm
– 45° 350 110 mm 95 mm 125 x 95 mm 350 64 mm


Max. vice opening 190 mm


Disc size HSS 350 x 32 x 2.5 mm
Blade motor power 1.8/2.5 kw – Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 15/30/45/90 rpm – 4 Speeds