FALCON 352, manual pull-down sawing machine to cut metals mitering from -45° to +45°, which can be supplied with or without a steel base and with a one or two speeds motor. 

Upon request, it can be supplied with a pneumatic vice (MA) and automatic clamping when the saw head is pulled down.

  • 0-130 MM

FALCON 352/MA, manual sawing machine to cut metals from -45° to +45° using an HSS blade. This high performance model has a heavy cast iron structure and is equipped with all the devices and functions necessary so as to cut in a precise and safe manner.

FALCON 352/MA is available as a bench model or eventually with the steel base, with a 2-speed three-phase motor. Furthermore upon request it can be supplied with an automatic vice (FALCON 352 MA, so that the vice closes automatically when lowering the head). In the MA version the machine is always supplied complete with steel base.

– Motor insulation class IP54.
– Worm screw shaft mounted on a pair of bushings.
– Blade shaft assembled on two preloaded taper

bearings on eccentric bushing.
– Externally adjustable clutch.
– Clamping system by means of vice screw which slides on taper slide with adjustable gib.
– Fixed burnished steel jaws.
– The front vice jaw has an axial adjustment so as to clamp the material as close as possible to the cutting line.
– Adjustable steel anti-burr device.
– Electric submerged pump at 48 V to lubro- refrigerate blade.
– Double head return spring.
– Adjustable stop to make cuts of the same length. – Stock support arm with roller predisposed to mount loading table.
– Machine predisposed to be hoisted.
– The machine is supplied without saw blade.
– Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.


> The cast-iron structure absorbs vibrations and ensures greater cutting stability and longer blade life.

> The double head return spring ensures maximum safety during the cutting cycle. 

> The adjustable steel anti-burr device clamps the material both in the infeed and outfeed.

> The control panel equipped with thermal relay and minimum-tension coil ensures maximum protection against phase failure.   



> The mechanical stops at -45°, 0° and +45° with a locking device at all angles in between allow the quick positioning of the saw head.

> The cutting vice equipped with a sliding jaw allows to clamp the material as close as possible to the cutting line.

> Engraved metric scale and flip-over stop are the perfect solution for precision and serial cuts at any length.       

The optional pneumatic vice (MA) reduces execution time.

Technical data

350 115 mm 100 mm 130 x 80 mm 250 50 mm
– 45° 350 100 mm 85 mm 90 x 80 mm 250 40 mm
+ 45° 350 75 mm 75 mm 90 x 65 mm 250 40 mm


Max. vice opening 130 mm


Disc size HSS 350 x 32 x 2.5 mm
Blade motor power 1.1/2.2 kw – Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 30/60 rpm – 2 Speeds