PH 211-1, manual pull-down band sawing machine to cut metals from 0° to +60°, provided either in a single-phase or three-phase version.

The three-phase sawing machine version is available in the HB version to perform, in addition to manual cutting, even single cuts without operator.


PH 211-1/HB , manual band sawing machines for cuts from 0° to +60° are also supplied in a version with HB device to make single cuts without operators, still keeping the manual cutting cycle available ( the HB device is available only in the three-phase version).


– After positioning the bar and closing the vice, the cutting phase is started, using the weight of the saw frame controlled by a hydraulic circuit to adjust the downfeed speed; after the cut the band stops, the frame is manually lifted in order to reposition the bar to cut untill the position needed by the operator, at this point the head frame is locked by the manually-controlled hydraulic valve. A FEW FEATURES:

– Sturdy structures in cast iron in order to tension the band at 700 kg.
– Electrical board with entirely identi able wiring, stand-by, main switch with lock, short circuit protection, motor overload cutout, min. voltage coil, low voltage system 24 V.

– Control handle IP55.
– Driving pulley locked with clamp ring to ensure a strong fastening, still allowing axial adjustment. – Blade-guide heads with 6 CARBIDE pads instead of bearings to ensure a better stability.
– Stop strokes at 0° and +60° with lever for locking at any intermediate angle.
– Head articulation with preloaded tapered bearings.
– Vice with fast locking lever.
– Electric pump for the band lubrication and cooling.
– Brush band-cleaning device.
– Bimetallic band for pro les and solid pieces.
– Instructions manual and spare parts list.

Technical data PH 211-1/HB

180 mm 180 mm 200 x 150 mm
+ 45° 115 mm 110 mm 125 x 110 mm
+ 60° 70 mm 70 mm 70 x 70 mm


Max. vice opening  200 mm


Band size 2130 x 20 x 0.9 mm
Blade motor power 0.75 kw – Single-phase | 0.7 / 0.81 kw – Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 80 m/min – 1 Speed | 40 / 80 m/min – 2 Speeds