SHARK 382 CCS HYDRA Band Sawing Machine

Band Saw Machine for Semi-automatic cutting Use a band saw blade Slitting machine Iron and stainless steel Medium size from Italy.

The maximum diameter of round shaft can be cut 280 mm.
Cuts square axles up to size 380×260 mm.
Suitable for straight 90 ° cutting and cutting degree from -45o to + 60o.
Economical band saw blade size is 27×0.9×3440 length.

Special features:
– There is a system to measure the tension of the band saw blade at 800-900 Newton.
– The structure is a whole cast iron. Make the machine durable
– There is a security system for users.

SHARK 382 CCS hydra, band sawing machine for single cuts without operator from 60° on the left to 45°.

เครื่องเลื่อยสายพาน SHARK 382 CCS HYDRA

เครื่องเลื่อยสายพาน SHARK 382 CCS HYDRA


– After positioning the bar, operate through the new console to access the following controls:

– vice closing

– starting the cutting cycle that uses the weight of the head controlled by a hydraulic braking circuit to adjust the feeding speed.

After the cut, by the keyboard controls, the operator lifts the head through a hydraulic control unit till the necessary position and opens again the pneumatic vice to enable a new bar feeding.


– Electrical system (entirely identifiable wiring, stand-by, main switch with lock, motor switch, emergency device, motor overload cutout, min. voltage coil, phase shortage protection, low voltage system 24 V).

– Rotating table (installed on a roller bearing, diameter 420 mm, pre-loaded with thrust bearing) complete with replaceable steel plates on the working surface.

– Double band rotation speed 40/80 m/min (OPTIONAL 20/40 m/min)

– Electronic transducer for the band tensioning with displaying on the console.

– Pneumatic vice (or hydraulic OPTION)with fast approach device.

– Stand with coolant tank and chip tray that can be replaced with a motor-driven chip extractor (OPTIONAL).

– Electric pump for the band lubrication and cooling.

– Machine preset to be equipped with the blade minimal lubrication kit (OPTIONAL), as well as with the stan- dard-delivered traditional lubrication with emulsifiable oils.

– Brush band-cleaning device.

– Adjustable rod to measure stop to make cuts of the same length with millimetred steel rod.

– Machine preset for being handled by transpallet.

– Bimetallic band for profiles and solid pieces.

– Service keys and instructions manual, for maintenance and spare parts list.