TIGER 352 NC 5.0, electropneumatic automatic vertical circular sawing machine to cut steels mitering from -45° to +60°. In addition to the automatic cutting cycle, it can also operate in the semi-automatic mode.

TIGER 352 NC 5.0, electro-pneumatic automatic vertical sawing machine which can operate also in semi-automatic mode, to cut from -45° to +60, with HSS blade.

– CNC machine with a new controller: MEP 50 with Windows “CE” based. This new PLC has been speci cally designed by MEP for the automation of its range of products.

– 7” touch screen display operator interface and push buttons for all functions of the sawing machine. It is simple and intuitive, it guarantees a reliable use and it controls all cutting parameters in real time.
– Console with all centralized controls, installed on an articulated arm to follow the operator in every operating position for the controls and the EMERGENCY.
– Registration of alarms and events with the possibility to visualize the story of occurred events. – Bar feeder with recirculating balls screw/nut and stepper motor (feed in length in one stroke 600 mm, that can be repeated in order to cut any length).

– Optimization of the torque in two ranges (12÷40 and 36÷120 rpm ) combining the inverter featu- res with the mechanical gear change (OPTIONAL 15÷50 and 45÷150 rpm with 3,0 kw motor and 5,5 kw inverter).

– Panel with low tension controls: polyester membrane keypad with tactile thermo-shaped buttons which give out an acoustic signal when pressed.

– Double set of gears to obtain a high performance. – Sawing head movement on double linear guides with preloaded slides with recirculating ballscrews.

– Coaxial cylinder with bypass valve for fast approach and linear transducer for head position reading.
– Cutting head and feeding vice positioning with joystick.

– Automatic acquisition of the actual starting point of the cut.
– Shearing stress control.
– Rotating table on a center pin with axial bearing which allows higher precision on the cutting angle set.

– Pneumatic vertical vice.
– Electric pump for the blade lubrication and


– Wire chip brush for band cleaning.
– Indicator with ashing light in case cycle is stopped.
– HSS blade Ø 350x32x2.5 for solids or sections.
– Preset to be equipped with the spray mist system (OPTIONAL), as well as with the standard- delivered traditional lubrication with emulsible oil.
– Service keys and instructions manual for maintenance and spare parts list.

Technical data : TIGER 352 NC 5.0

350 115 mm 95 mm 180 x 95 mm 350 90 mm
+ 45° 350 110 mm 95 mm 125 x 95 mm 350 64 mm
+ 60° 350 90 mm 90 mm 90 x 90 mm 350 45 mm
– 45° 350 110 mm 95 mm 125 x 95 mm 350 64 mm


Max. vice opening 190 mm
Rest piece no longer feeded 320 mm


Disc size HSS 350 x 32 x 2.5 mm
Blade motor power 2.6 kw – Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 12÷40 – 36÷120 rpm
Inverter power 3.0 Kw